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Iraq, Cultural and Islamic : from Baghdad to Iran

Babel Tours, IRAQ tours

Babel Tours, IRAQ tours

At present, Babel Tours proposes tours not only throughout Iraqi Kurdistan, in the territory under the control of the regional government, but also in the South. With a surface area of 80,000 kmĀ² representing nearly one-fifth of the entire country, Iraqi Kurdistan can already offer the visitor considerable variety, from cities to landscapes of outstanding beauty. Now, creating a Branch in Nasiriyah, Babel Tours will also be able to propose tours in many places in the South of the country : Basrah, Ur, Uruk, Eridu, Lagash, Najaf, Karbala...

With complete peace of mind, you will be able to visit the provinces of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Duhok. The cultural treasures of the region will take you on a historical journey, from prehistory to the modern day and its natural beauty will offer you opportunities to hike in areas as yet unexplored by tourists and offering breathtaking sights.

The cities of Iraqi Kurdistan each merit a stay of several days on their own. Erbil, with its citadel dating back to the Assyrian empire: researchers and archaeologists consider that this location has seen human activity for more than 7,000 years! Erbil is thus among the oldest of all cities, along with Jericho, Byblos, and so on. The town has a charm particular to the cities of the Middle East, with its souqs, marketplaces and bustling life. Like the other cities in Kurdistan, it has a allure as yet untainted by mass tourism, or even any form of tourism. You will thus find yourselves immersed in the ordinary life of an eastern city, with all its vividness and love of life. Dahuk, further to the north and ringed by craggy peaks, is a town of many colours. Each house is painted in pastel hues which slowly change and metamorphose as the Sun moves across the sky. It is a town bubbling with life, in which business never seems to stop, through the day and into the long evenings. After a day's excursion, you will enjoy settling down on a terrace and talking to the passers-by who will never be anything less than welcoming. A little further to the north is Zakho, completely encircled by mountains and bordering Turkey and Syria. Its sights include the legendary bridge, a meeting place for young and old alike, its picturesque quarters and its flourishing trade with neighbouring Turkey. In eastern Kurdistan, Sulaymaniya shows a completely original face, totally different from the other cities of the Province. It is a focal point of Kurdish culture and hosts numerous festivals, while cultural centres and art schools are also flourishing in the city to a remarkable degree. Its music school enjoys a very high reputation and will be the ideal place for you to learn more about the culture of a Kurdish people who still have many secrets to reveal to us.
Babel Tours can propose tours throughout Iraqi Kurdistan, but the agency is also able to offer customised trips to suit your own particular expectations.

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