News : A report about Babel Tours in the International Herald Tribune
May 22, 2013 : Through Babel Tours, talking about Iraq all around the world

Group in BabylonIn recent months many magazines have talked about the work of the team of Babel Tours in the country, different chronic travel have appeared in Japan, Korea, in many countries in Europe, South America, South Africa etc.. Below against an article in an American newspaper May 19, 2013.

May 22, 2013 : there are already travelers from 42 countries who visited Iraqi sites thanks to the commitment and service of Babel Tours. Discover without waiting for the richest country in history and humanity.

August 2012 : about Babylon and Sumerian sites

Group in Babylon Each year, you are more to come and visit Sumerian Sites and Babylon. This year 2012 wil be the best year for Babel Tours from its beginning in 2008. Of course during summer it is very hot and we do not accept groups coming - in this days the temperature is over 50 ° ! You also are many to come, visit and pray in Najaf and Karbala, to make the ziarat or pilgrimage to holy places.

Because thr prices are very high for individuals coming to Iraq, please try to make a group in order to come with 20 people or more. You will have the best service and very good prices.

June 2011 : More and more travellers

More and more travellers come to Iraq through Babel Tours. We are happy that now Austrian Airlines opened a new flight to Baghdad. Austrian Airlines reincorporated the Vienna-Baghdad-Vienna route into its scheduled flight programme from 8 June 2011 onwards. The carrier operates a total of three flights a week to the Iraqi capital. The service is provided using an aircraft from the Airbus A320 fleet. Austrian Airlines is returning to the Iraqi capital after 21 years. This will be Austrian’s second destination in Iraq, together with the city of Erbil.

November 2010 : Babel Tours open its offices in Baghdad

After Erbil offices that were officially opened in July 2009 in Iraqi Kurdistan, then in April 2010 in Nasiryah, in Thi-Qar province in the south of the country, Babel Tours opens its new offices in Baghdad on Wednesday 3 November in the heart of Baghdad, in the presence of Mr Boris Boillon, the French Ambassador. This opening coincides with a significant event: on 30 October, the first direct civilian flight from Paris to Baghdad will leave with a delegation of senior corporate executives, headed by Madame Anne-Marie IDRAC, Secretary of State in charge of foreign trade. Hubert Debbasch, the CEO of Terre Entière and Babel Tours, will be a member of this delegation which will stay in Baghdad until 4 November for the Baghdad International Fair.

In opening its Baghdad offices, Babel Tours marks the end of its initial, founding period. The company now organises numerous tours to all regions in the country (except the Mosul area). It welcomes travellers of all nationalities and receives large number of requests from the four corners of the world. The latest group in the country is a small group of Japanese seeking to experience Mesopotamia. In addition to the tours, Babel Tours proposes many other services: airport transfers, excursions of one or more days, car with driver, etc. The creation of Babel Tours, which is the first French company established in Iraq with exclusively Iraqi staff, thus aims to serve as an encouragement for other corporate heads looking to establish a company, subsidiary or branch in Iraq. The new Babel Tours offices are in the centre of the city, in Saduun Street, just a few hundred metres from the French Embassy. The Aigle Azur airline should be offering two flights per week between Paris and Baghdad by the end of 2010.

Press Release about Babel Tours Offices opening in Baghdad

Press Release in Arabic

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Report from CNN about Babel Tours

Spring 2010 : new Offices for Babel Tours in Nasiriyah, Mesopotamia

Babel Tours is pleased to announce the opening of its new agency in Nasiriyah on 18 April 2010. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of Mr Talib Khadum Al-Hassan, Governor of the Province, his Excellency the French Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Boris Boillon, the CEO of Terre Entière, Mr Hubert Debbasch and many Guests. After the reception, we closed our celebration with a visit to the site of Ur - Tell el-Mukayyar, the home town of the patriarch Abraham - Ibrahim. We had a private dinner at his Excellency the Vice President of Iraq, Mr Adel Abdel Mahdi.

Official ceremony of Babel Tours in Nasiriyah, Mesopotamia :
Photos Albums on Terre Entiere Website

Thr firt tour to Mesopotamia will be with a group of 30 Travellers coming from France next June.

December 2009 : more than 250 travellers !

More than two hundreds and fifty travellers came to Iraq through Babel Tours since December 2008 ! Most people came from France. We also greeted people from Germany, Austria, British Isles, United States of America, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Corea, Spain, Italy, Greece and Australia.

We give many thanks to our clients and to all Iraqi people that helped us to make their stay pleasant and nice. 2010 will be a very important year for Babel Tours with opening of offices in South Iraq. You will have more news soon. Thanks !

Hubert Debbasch

Event - July 2009


Official ceremony of Opening : Photos Albums

The Babel Tours team

Important notice - May 2009

Babel Tours got the licence from Iraqi authorities. We are now available to answer all your queries. Best regards.

The Babel Tours team

The creation of Babel Tours and the arrival of the first group of French tourists :

2008 is coming to a close with the creation of the Babel Tours agency and a high-profile event: the arrival of a group of more than twenty French tourists for a trip entitled "Christmas in Iraq". This circuit through Iraqi Kurdistan was organised by Terre Entière, an agency specialising in cultural tours and Christian pilgrimages, and at the same time marks the beginning of Babel Tours. With its new premises situated in the heart of Ankawa, Babel Tours is delighted to welcome this group, which constitutes the official inauguration of our agency. Terre Entière is the creator of Babel Tours and for 2009 will be proposing a large number of cultural tours in Kurdistan. First-hand accounts of this "Christmas in Iraq" will subsequently be posted on our website. This event is an opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the first French tourists to visit the country, but also to express our hope that in the coming months, we will be able to welcome groups of all nationalities, who will come here to find relaxation and rest, cultural enrichment and inter-cultural exchanges in a place that is today too little known and misunderstood.